Global Humax credit card processing for adult membershipsite

Secure and Reliable credit card processing

Merchants selling Adult products and/or services need a different kind of Merchant Account. Both Visa and Mastercard require registration of Adult Merchants. Global Humax provide Merchant Services that provide Adult related service providers the chance to maintain their own merchant accounts. We will provide a Merchant Account solution that fits your needs and work with a number of banks that specialise in Adult Credit Card Processing. Our approval rate is 99,9%.

Adult- providers are considered to be high risk merchants. Many acquirer and merchant account providers will not want to allow adult content providers to use their accounts.The adult business is lucrative but controversial. That is why adult membershipsites and content providers find it hard to create an adult – merchant – account and process their sales online.

Global Humaxs Adult Merchant Accounts provide discounted credit card processing to adult content websites and other online adult industry based companies. We provide Adult merchants with merchant accounts that have the lowest transaction fees and rates in the Online Adult Entertainment Industry.
Global Humax Adult Merchant Accounts – Direct Merchant Account offer:

    • Low Rates
    • No Merchant Account Annual Fees
    • Easy and Quick Approval Process
    • Fast Setup With Hands On Assistance
    • Live processing within days..
    • Adult Merchant Account Gateway
    • Free Adult Merchant Virtual Terminal
    • Real Time Processing
    • V-Terminal, Mail/Phone Order and Mobile Merchants